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Steel, Steel Concrete Panel

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Steel, Steel Concrete Panel

│ Description │

Using steel panel top / below with noncombustible material for excellent prevention of disaster.

│ Feature of Product │

· Due to triple structural mechanice, disperse the concentrated load in order to reinforce the · distributed load, the impact load and load carrying capacity
· Strongly nonflammable
· As the epoxy powder coating, reinforces durability and prevents corrosion
· By pouring the concrete, removes resonance and reinforces load carrying capacity


│ Specifications │

Model NO. DIEMENSION TYPE Weight Concentrated Load Finish Tile
WKS 600 x 600 x 33mm R type 7kg/pcs 300kgf(2.94kn) Conductive Tile
Homogeneous Tile
Deluxe Tile
600 x 600 x 33mm SP type 9kg/pcs 500kgf(4.9kn)
WKSC 600 x 600 x 33mm R type 13.5kg/pcs 300kgf(2.94kn)
600 x 600 x 33mm SP type 15.5kg/pcs 500kgf(4.9kn)

* The product specification for quality control can be changed.