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HDF Wood Core Panel

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HDF Wood Core Panel

│ Description │

High-density particel board (PB) used by the high-density FIVER (HDF) is excellent load carrying capacity and strong impact when walking.

│ Feature of Product │

· It isearthquake proof due to the double string structure
· A good working environment and that the wood flooring is designed to be noise free even when walking on it
· It is easy to maintain and manage with PVC tape type
· Many finishing materials to choose
· Use of wood gives reasonable price


│ Specifications │

Model NO. DIEMENSION TYPE Weight Concentrated Load Finish Tile
WTF 600 x 600 x 40mm SP type 10.5kg/pcs 500kgf(4.9kn) Conductive Tile
Homogeneous Tile
Hard Wood, Stone
Deluxe Tile
GI Sheet, AL Sheet
Rubber Tile, Sheet
600 x 600 x 42mm SP type 13.5kg/pcs 500kgf(4.9kn)
600 x 600 x 45mm SP type 15.5kg/pcs 500kgf(4.9kn) More than

* The product specification for quality control can be changed.